Ormbsby and Rollesby Christmas 2009

Mon – Fri 14th-19th “Cribtingle” A Festival of Cribs and Christingles All day St Margaret’s, Ormesby Mon 14th Sunshine Club carols 2.00pm Bracecamp Hall Tues 15th Coffee, Cakes & Carols Service 10.00am St Michael’s, Ormesby Wed 16th Carol Service for  Ormesby  Junior School 10.00am St Margaret’s, Ormesby Wed 16th Christingle service for Rollesby School 2.00pm […]

Love was his Meaning

Above the steamy warmth of the café, in the still prayerfulness of high arched church, a steady stream of people quietly come and go and light floods in through clerestory windows.  Here the shop-weary can find sanctuary from retails restless rat race and allow themselves time to respond to Wisdom’s bumper bargain. Mancroft is not […]