Ormbsby and Rollesby Christmas 2009

Mon – Fri 14th-19th “Cribtingle” A Festival of Cribs and Christingles All day St Margaret’s, Ormesby
Mon 14th Sunshine Club carols 2.00pm Bracecamp Hall
Tues 15th Coffee, Cakes & Carols Service 10.00am St Michael’s, Ormesby
Wed 16th Carol Service for  Ormesby  Junior School 10.00am St Margaret’s, Ormesby
Wed 16th Christingle service for Rollesby School 2.00pm St George’s
Thurs 17th Christingle Service for  Ormesby  Junior School 2.15pm St Margaret’s, Ormesby
Fri 18th Christingle Service for Ormesby Infants School 2.00pm St Margaret’s
Sat 19th Carols with the choir at Clere House 2.00pm Clere House, Ormesby
Sun 20th Holy Communion (BCP)Carol Service

Carol Service

Carol Service




St Margaret’sSt Margaret’s

St Michael’s

St  George’s

Thurs 24th Christmas Eve: Crib & Christingle Service

Midnight Mass

4.00pm11.30pm St Margaret’sSt Margaret’s
Fri 25th Christmas Day:Holy Communions 8.00am9.00am


St Margaret’sSt Michael’s

St George’s

Sun 27th Holy Communion Benefice Service 9.30am St Michael’s
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