Welcoming the New Broads Brand

Churches Together on the Broads likes the stapline –

Britains Magical Waterland

And values the captions and sound bites :-

•          The Broads. Poetry in slow motion.

•          The Broads. Time to reflect.

•          The Broads. The nature of relaxation.

•          The Broads. Natural refreshment.

•          The Broads. Sustainable by nature.

•          The Broads. Reflect, recollect, reconnect.

•          The Broads. The quickest way to slow down.

•          The Broads. Nature never goes out of fashion.

•          Lose yourself in nature. Find yourself in the Broads.

•          The Broads. Wider skies.

•          The Broads. Reset your bearings.

•          The Broads. Cast off your troubles.

But there’s more

How about

  • The Broads : reconnect with the Creator through the Creation
  • The Broads: a place for the cure of souls
  • The Broads: where church towers lift your eyes heavenward
  • The Broads: get into a boat and go over to the other side
  • The Broads: recalling Jesus life in Galilee
  • The Broads: where you can recover your senses

Do you have suggestions?  Leave a Comment!

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