Annual St. Fursey Pilgrimage

The Fursey Pilgrims held their annual

pilgrimage on Saturday 2nd October at Burgh Castle

There was  a service in church and then prayers at the traditional site of St. Fursey’s Monastery inside the walls of the Roman fort.

Abba Seraphim the Metropolitan of the  British Orthodox (Coptic) Church who  is a monk attached to Monastery of El-Sourian, in Waddi Natrum was the preacher.

Abba Seraphim spoke of the monastic background of those who first evangelised the East Anglians – Felix, Fursey and Botolf.  It followed the pattern established by St. Paul the Hermit and St.Anthony in the Western Desert of Egypt.

The figures of St. Paul and St. Anthony are often found together in artwork of  early Insular (Irish/British/Saxon) church.  Abba Seraphim travels to the Western Desert and the monasteries they founded in the near future.

Can we expect the wilderness of  Breydon Water will be twinned with the desert adjoining the Red Sea?

The next event organised by the Fursey Pilgrims is the annual lecture in January 2011

Visit the Norfolk Archeological Trust website at to find out more about Burgh Castle

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