Christian Anglers



Churches Together on the Broads welcomes to the internetty -webby -thing. A big step in promoting outdoor spirituality.

download (2)All anglers, their families and friends are welcome in the Broads National Park.

There’s some of us reckon the Master still walks by the waterside and talks to fishermen. You can get into a boat and go over to the other side, fish all night (hopefully you’ll do better than the disciples and catch lots!) , sit down in green pastures (beside still waters) and refresh your souls. Oh and the church communities are welcoming and our heritage church building warm places with open door (No, alright, they are a bit chilly in winter!)

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2 thoughts on “Christian Anglers

  1. Thanks ever so much for the shout out- really exciting to see that Churches Together on the Broads has a heart for the angling community. Reckon we might just need to have a pike (or bream) fishing retreat on the Broads one day! Jon ( UK Christian Anglers)

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